sábado, 16 de abril de 2011


Today I'm going to talk about this special website. I could to said that 'CouchSurfing' is the facebook of the tramps, this is, a big network where you can to meet a lot of people with your same idea: travel a lot with little money. In CouchSurfing you can to get host free, surely, the people can to accept you or not. It's a simple philosophy, but works.

Well, I am beginning in this world and the last week I received my first 'couchsurfer', Yung Lee. He is a South Korean guy of 24 years old (26 years? in Korea). He is traveling around the world for 2 years. He began in March and he was in Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Later he is going to visit Budapest (Hungary), Croatia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), England and France. He think to take a plane in Paris for to go to America (all the continent less Canada).

For read about this crazy guy: http://blog.naver.com/bestarted
(it is Korean...but you can to click in 'Episode 12' for see me, I am pretty)

He is only a example of the people that you can to meet in CouchSurfing. Of course, you always can to learn another languages, cultures, etc.

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  1. vemos que estás practicando el inglés!!!! eso está bien pero HAS NECESITADO EL TRADUCTOR???

    los mecenas

  2. couchsurfing pensaba que era únicamente para que los viajeros publicaran sus impresiones de los viajes no que os pusiérais en contacto o no es así???? sácanos de dudas.

    los mecenas

  3. Yung Lee lo escribe en coreano y todavía no he hecho el cursillo para aprenderlo.


  4. XDXD Pues no, sirve más bien para ahorrarte el hostal, y de paso, conoces gente, practicas idiomas, etc......


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